Gauze Cotton Curtain, White

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Selling by the metre. Selling for fabric only without rod pockets. If you wish to have the rod pockets please let me know the size to make it is an additional $8-10 depending on length.

Natural, unprocessed cotton gauze fabric. 

Wide Width 240cm, length you decide. Purchase 1 for 1 metre, purchase 2 for 2 metres etc. If you are purchasing more than 1 metre it will be cut in a single length unless otherwise specified. So if you are buying 5 metres, it will come in 5m continuous length.

Colour: Off White, unprocessed.

It is soft and delicate, light and airy, non-reflective and high grade gauze. It is all natural, organic, no bleach or harmful material used when producing this fabric. It is for the purpose of styling wedding table clothes or chair styling or home curtains, doona lining etc.  

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